The Mass Grid Project

Building the future of decentralized high performance computing network

In the last five years, the rise of data analysis, search engines, artificial intelligence and ever more complex scientific modeling to name a few has created an exploding industry of high performance computing. This demand has been growing steadily and the industry has been forecast to grow to an over 30 billion dollar industry in the next decade. Unfortunately, it is not everyone that can easily access a high performance computer and keeping with technology is an expensive venture for most.

At Mass Grid, we are hard at work to create the world’s largest Decentralized GPU High Performance Computing Network in the world that is available to everyone. We intend to transform the meaningless POW hash computing to general parallel computing that could be used for practical purpose through our improved POW algorithm and redesigned blockchain network architecture.

How are we achieving this?

Mass Grid is creating its own technology in order to achieve the Decentralized Network, this includes the Jump POW Algorithm, GPU Virtualization Technology and Smart Task Distribution.

Jump POW Algorithm

Jump POW Algorithm is MassGrid’s patented blockchain technology, it can resist quantum attack and ASIC hardware takeover, make the network safer, fairer and guarantee all network nodes are capable to run general parallel algorithm.

GPU Virtualization

GPU Virtualization Technology virtualizes remote GPU hardware resources to client devices. GPU virtualization enables users to freely schedule hardware resources that are physically distributed around the world.

Smart Task Distribution

MassGrid’s P2P exchange system is based on smart contracts and runtime, users can customize the functions and pay rules for their specific requirement, making trading more flexible and extendable.

Mass Grid Coins

In order to better control the decentralized high performance cloud computing network, we have created our own cryptocurrency to be used in exchange for the completion of tasks that users will have requested. Once, the miner as received the coins via the smart contract, they will be able to use them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

With this project, we will be providing access to high performance computing to a whole variety of applications from 3D Rendering to DNA Matching to people that might not necessarily have the resources to acquire the needed hardware to perform those tasks.

To learn more about our project and to stay up to date on the latest development, you can visit us on the following pages:


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