MGD Wallet Update

MGD new wallet has added new features, please update in time for good taste!

1.The new version of the wallet adds the virtual machine manager, which can realize the virtualization and manage the local physical resources. At present, the remote control of single machine virtualization has been realized:

  • Manage mirror resources on remote clients;
  • Remotely control the virtual machine for calculation;

2.The wallet uses N2N technology to realize peer to peer communication between wallets and wallets by the master node network. At present, with the help of public network server, two clients can penetrate the network and send encrypted data on the channel.


Please go to the official website to download the update. Subsequent older versions of the computer wallet will no longer be available.
1.Updated Wallets:Windows, Ubuntu 16 and Mac Wallets
2.Updates must be completed before September 30, 2018 24:00
3.Update tutorial:
①Back up the old wallet;
②Log in to the MGD official website and enter the download page at, select the appropriate version to download.
③Unzip, install and run the new version of the wallet.
4.Frequently asked questions:
Q1. Does the old wallet need to be uninstalled and deleted?
No need uninstall, download the new wallet and install it. But we do recommended that you back up your old wallet first.
Q2. Does the mobile version of the wallet need to be updated?
No, only the computer version needs to be updated.
Q3. After updating to the new wallet, does the original wallet file need to be backed up?
Q4. Is the mining software affected? Do you need to update?
Yes. Please download the Ubuntu 16 computer version of the wallet update.
If you need further help, please contact customer service:
WeChat:MLGBCoin, massgrid01 or qiaoyiyi711-