MassGrid News Update (12.8–12.21)

Development Progress

Docker development progress:

1. The virtual machine network has been running stably in the test network.

The virtual machine service information is broadcasted through the master node network. When the user creates the service, you need to select the configuration of the virtual machine (GPU, CPU, the size of the memory, etc.) and provide the ssh public key of the local device. In the command line, ssh secretly logs in to the virtual machine.

2. Embed the n2n module into the wallet

In a special network mode, the wallet will start the n2n network to implement peer-to-peer network communication;

Officially managed mining machine revenue distribution

The current income of the managed mining machine was released

Time: (2018.12.4–12.17)

Duration: 14 days

Total revenue: 154,600 MGD

Average income per miner: 49.08 MGD/day

Technical support | Exchange cooperation

The #cryptocurrency #exchange supported by Mass Grid, the platform is conducting a second round of product testing, and the “Christmas with you” simulation trading contest was held on December 20th–25th. Participants can receive up to 10,000 RMB equivalent ETH bonus and 500 yuan mobile fee reward. There is also a daily cash red pocket reward. The platform pre-stores a fixed amount of test coins for trading when register.

Details: (Bit1 Exchange)

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